"Meredith is a gifted massage therapist. She understands      the body and attends to what parts need the greatest attention, working those areas with skill and just the right degree of intensity. Each time she works on me I make  progress toward a healthier me. She gives her services with great integrity, always with an open heart. You will be very happy to work with her on your health and wellness." 

 - Catherine R.D.

"Heart of the Earth" Photo by Dani Porter Born

Client Testimonial


This is my hand on one of my favorite foots...if you know me, this does not surprise you. If we will meet in the future, you should know that I am amazed by every single person. I find the body to be an incredible marvel everyday. I came to massage therapy in 2002 after becoming a mother and leaving the advertising agency business. And most people who know me find this an impossible fact - because being a massage therapist is so clearly the authentic calling in my life. I am also an active member of Westminster Presbyterian Church and play the string bass with The Ladies Music Club and Chapel Strings Orchestra.

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Relieving muscle contractions provides greater range of motion through the closest joint

Reducing muscle pain provides better balance, more stamina in the body

Reduce headache frequency

Better quality sleep

Reduce or remove discomfort from plantar fasciitis

Effective alternative to carpal tunnel surgery

Reduce or remove need for over-the-counter medication like Advil (NSAIDS)

Better manage the changes of pregnancy

Help ready the body for delivery of the baby

Comfort and reduction of anxiety

Increased vitality for geriatric patients

Alleviate severity of sinus congestion

Identify and reduce swelling discomfort from lymph system

Restoring Peace

Bringing the intention of health and healing to the body can result in deep relaxation. This allows cellular repair to muscles and also the circulation and respiratory systems. Often I have said the message of pain is a blessing and a curse - once you have listened and attended to your body using therapeutic massage you realize you can be a much more active participant in your health, in many cases reducing the use of over-the-counter and prescription medication. The "curse" is you can't ignore it any longer.

Many different techniques can be used:

  • Traditional Swedish; full body with emphasis on circulation
  • Neuromuscular; specific muscle realignment using deep specific pressure
  • Reflexology; primarily for the feet using points to benefit the whole body
  • Acupressure; based in traditional chinese medicine uses pressure points along the 12 meridians
  • Lymphatic Drainage Therapy; level 1 certified training to reduce lymphatic fluid swelling
  • Pregnancy; relief and support for every stage 
  • Aromatherapy; added to any of the above to enhance wellness and relaxation      

Benefits of massage range from bringing calm and comfort to infants to someone in their last days. In my practice, these are a few of the tangible benefits experienced by my clients: